Subject: RE: Switzerland Questions to Tarja
Dear Tarja:

As you live near Zurich I wonder if you could help me with a few questions?

I will be arriving in Zurich in early September and getting a car at the Airport. I will be driving to Chur from there and stay the night to get my time sense in sync.

1. Could you help me with the route from the airport to Chur? It looks like I am heading for the A3 then to A13 but getting there through Zurich looks a bit confusing. Can you help with directions through Zurich? (Some maps say N3 and N13 - which way is autobahn marked??)

2. Is the A3 or A13 a toll road in this area to my destination?

3. I arrive in the morning so I am not in a rush to get to Chur and it would be nice to take a nice leisurely scenic drive to Chur. Should I consider taking the Seestrasse along the West side of the lake instead of the autobahn?

4. Should I consider a stop in Vaduz?

5. If you advise taking the Seestrasse - after that - what additional scenic route would you advise to complete the drive to Chur?

Anyone else that has ideas on these questions please advise me if you are knowledgeable of this area.

Thanks in advance for you assistance.

Best regards,