Subject: Re: Off to Berlin
Hi Baerbel, yes, I lived in Germany and Austria, but that was long ago. Last year I stayed for two weeks in Rothenburg in order to improve my german at the Goethe Institut, and it was a great experience. And it was interesting watching the way the people in Rothenburg deal with the huge amount of tourists ...It is an easy and relaxing place to move around.

I MUST look for an Internet Cafe in Berlin. The girls at the office have made me promised to send emails telling how it is everything, and I must keep up to date with my little sister. Just today she has decided to bring the boyfriend on his first trip to Italy ... IN THREE WEEKS TIME !!! They will be driving, what makes everything easier, and they donīt mind the heat. I just hope that he will love it as much as we do (or maybe what we love is to plan and travel anywhere ??? ).

Bye, I should be in bed right now,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain