Subject: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Hi Louise,

Coincidentally I asked a colleague last week about B&B's there. Not long ago, she stayed at a B&B in Niagara-on-the-Lake and her parents, in another one.

Here is her email to me:

Turner House: This is the one I booked for my parents, having only seen it from the outside. To my considerable relief, it fully met # and exceeded # all expectations. Apart from being very clean and welcoming, it#s attractively decorated (tasteful, but also relaxed and unfussy) and well maintained. There#s even a swimming pool in the backyard, if you#re feeling energetic. Within easy walking distance to the main shopping area and the theatres, but on a side street, so reasonably quiet. $100 Canadian

Bunny Hutch. (Also listed in the Shaw Festival brochure: Also scrupulously clean. Ranch-style bungalow, with a less #upscale# decorating sensibility; but pretty, if you don#t mind a little pink, lace, or bunny motifs. It#s further away from town (perhaps a 20-minute walk?), and in a very quiet, more suburban-looking neighbourhood, so no #ye olde heritage house# style: unpretentious. A less upscale price to match.The walk into town#s quite pleasant, *if* you give allow yourself ample time to meander a little (especially if your play#s at the Festival Theatre, at the far end of town!). I seem to remember a rate slightly lower than the $65 currently quoted, but may have been charged #single# rather than double rate at the time.

I was in Niagara Falls (Ontario) on Tuesday just for the day and noticed that there were quite a few attractive B&B's along River Road within walking distance of the falls. Some were large Victorian homes with front porches.

We stopped at a winery for a tasting and for lunch - East Dell in Beamsville. The bistro lunch was tasty and moderately priced. Many more famous wineries have visits.

Be sure to check whether rates are in Canadian or American dollars - quite a difference!

Frances Toronto, Canada