Subject: Hiking & Planning a trip to Switzerland
John, do take your hiking boots and don't worry about hiking there. All signs are well marked with red and white little signs with degrees if difficulty on them (they use boots, I believe -- each boot for degree of difficulty) We hiked in Zermatt and Pontrisena and loved our visit there. If you take the cogwheel railway part way up the mountain in Murren (or cable car) to the first tiny village you will have the most breath-taking experiences of your life looking over at the Eiger Glacier, etc. Murren is so very spectacular and September is (from what we've been told) the best month. The weather is supposed to be the most stable.

The hiking books we used were: Walking Switzerland - the Swiss Way - my Marcia & Philip Lieberman ISBN: 0-89886-137-3 - (pbk)

Walks in the Engadine Switzerland by Kev Reynolds ISBN:: 1-55650- 081-5 (Cicerone Press in the UK) (covers the western part of Switz., including St. Moritz)

The Valais - A Walking Guide by Kev Reynolds (this covers the Zermatt area to Geneva - same author as above - also Cicerone Press - ISBN: 1-85284-016-1

We went to Switzerland to hike in the early 80's, but it is truly magnificent, and you will enjoy it.

I might have missed the thread of where you will actually be going, but I do have some information (somewhere) and if you tell me your itinerary, I will try to find hotels. We were there in May without reservations and had no trouble finding anything - However, in smaller, higher villages, things were not open. This will not be a problem in September. However, it is still considered tourist season, so I'm sure you will want to book. Let me know if you need further help. Regards, Susie Newton