Subject: Shopping for souvenirs
Hi everyone,

What a neat idea - wearing two different non-matching earrings - wish I'd thought of it as a children's librarian, I try to match earrings to programs. I always buy earrings as souvenirs since I know I'll wear them as opposed to packing them away, and then I'm able to remember the fun of the trip when someone just has to know where I got them. I started collection small porcelain boxes only to discover after I purchased the first one in Amsterdam that I really had the beginning of a collection at home already. They are fun, but I still regret not paying the big bucks for one in Budapest. I, like someone else who wrote, always vow, I'll get it regardless of the cost and will pick it up as soon as I see it as I might never find it again. I've managed to do the second part, but still drag my feet on the first. We also pick up containers to use in the kitchen - again something we won't pack away, but will use. It's been interesting to see what others shop for - giving me some ideas for our sept trip to Rome, Naples, Pompeii etc.

Keep cool in all this heat, happy travels and happy planning, Barb in Grand Rapids.