Subject: Re: 39 days in europe
Dear Ed,

30 days wouldn't be enough time to see even only the highlights of southern europe. Lisbon is great to spend some days as are many other places more inland. Southern Spain, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla are all worth more than just some hours. Barcelona, Toledo, the countryside, the coast (especiialy the Spnish northcoast although the weather isn't as sunny there as in the south), the Pyrenees mountains etc. Lourdes France, Monaco, Venice Italy, to name only a few places, all very different from each other. See Tuscany with Firenze and Siena being some of the most beautiful places in the world. What I want to say that there is no use traveling whole Europe to have a great and wonderful time. Nevertheless a visit to the north af Europe can be as rewarding as to the south. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Antwerp, The Alps, Prague (wow) .....

Enjoy Europe, Alex