Subject: Shopping
Dear Lou (in Texas), I'm so glad to hear from another person who likes to shop while on vacation! It doesn't have to be big and expensive (I've recently re-done the bathroom with shells I've picked up all over), but something that will remind me of the wonderful times. In fact, I've just returned from Turkey (thanks, Colleen, for the great advise & tips), where I fell in love with the Eyes for protection against the Evil Eye. They're everywhere, from jewelry, to towels, to the sides of buildings, &I brought them back for everyone of my friends.My husband always makes fun of my shopping, but what did he bring back? Turkish towels for our daughter!

I have a boudran(sp) hanging over the stairway,a good-luck witch from Spain hanging from the kitchen light, a mustard jar from Germany on a shelf with Day-of-the-Dead figures. Every time I dust, I relive the memories.

I'll try to post info on Istanbul in a few days.

Judy Kniep