Subject: planning vs winging it

I agree with Lisa in Chicago! Can we get your job???

Your trip sounds splendid! My longest trip was six weeks in western Europe many many moons ago. That was the extent of my confort zone away from home. Now, George and I are lucky if we get three weeks strung together a year. I dont know if I would like to be away from my pillow and my pets for a whole year.

Ten pounds of books though, that sounds like way too much! A laptop would way much less! Internet access would be a much better idea. Or tourist centers in the larger cities. Like Linda &Don say, walk around the block with the luggage, you'll find better uses for that 10 lbs.

>From the sound of your message though, I think you are adventurous enough that you have to wing it..That's half the fun anyway. Planning is great fun but the greatest memories are often the unplanned.

Enjoy! Marta &George Jealous in Tamarac, FL