Subject: Re: Shopping
Hello Judy (and other Shoppers),

I'm so glad I was emboldened to start this thread and learn what other Ziners like to shop for. Since most men are turned off by the word shopping I was hesitant to bring it up. But it is such a happy part of traveling for me. Some of your ideas are so great, I'll have to plan another trip soon to put them into action.

You must have loved your journey to Istanbul. It's been years since I was there, but that was another big shopping mistake. I passed up a lovely, soft leather carry-on bag (at about US $25) for the practical reason that I didn't need it (though my heart yearned for it). Then I bought a smallish silk rug for the wall the next day and had to pay an extra $25 to have it shipped. It would have fit great in that bag since the sillk ones fold up so compactly, but not enough to fit in an already loaded suitcase. Time did not allow me at that point to go get the bag, but I've always felt like I cheated myself.

Diane's post reminds me of all the teapots I've wrapped in sweaters or robes to get home unbroken, and I've collected tiles from every place I've traveled, having started in Ronda, Spain on our first trip to Europe in the mid-70's. I use them on the table to put hot dishes on, but most are displayed on shelves in the kitchen. In Bali, there were no tiles to be found, so I substituted a lovely trivet (too pretty to put hot dishes on) of inlaid shells that filled the bill beautifully.

BTW, to Joan, I posted to you privately but it didn't send, so I need to let you know the caftan I bring out at Halloween is surely not the one you long for. I bought it in a little shop in the Casbah in Tangier ('74) -- lots of metallic gold and strictly souvenir -- where my husband was so amazed that I haggled over the price that he took a picture of the proceeding. He always loved that picture because haggling was so against my nature.

Happy traveling and shopping to all,

Lou (TX)