Subject: Re:Disappointing destinations
The only place I have visited in the last 20 years and I wouldn't go back to is Crete. I know some Ziners do love this island,but my experience was very bad.

We stayed on the tourist fled northern coast, where almost every eating place is a odd smelling pizza or frankfurter-and- beer stand, every shop is full choked of disappointing souvenir stuff, and the streets are dirty. When we tried to drive to better places west- east- or southwards, we realized that the distances were enormous in relation to the condition of the roads, so we hardly managed to visit the palace at Knossos and little more. The visual quality of the architectural landscape was below zero (this is in common with quite a few other places in Greece, although it is generally more than balanced by the natural beauty of the land and sea). I plan to visit more greek islands but will never return to Crete.

Leonardo from Italy