Subject: Help needed: hotel in Venice

The following hotel, while not used by myself, was recommended by an email buddy. I was contemplating staying at this hotel, as, like yourself, we wished to stay somewhere near the station.

Hotel Marin has 19 rooms, with or without facilities. Owners: Scotton Bruno and Samuel. Address: San Croce, 670B 30135. Phone: +39 041 718022. Fax: +39 041721485. Rates: 46.48Euro to 111.04Euro. (singles to Quads). The following was sent by email, to me, on 20/11/2001 - Double room room rate, with faciities, including continental breakfast, all taxes and serivce is 93,00Euro per night. Double room rate in May, without facilities, including continental breakfast, all taxes and serivce is 77.00Euro per night. Comments: Recently renovated, this is an excellent budget value establishment, located across the canal from the train station.

I have put together, with help from a lot of people, a rather comprehensive file on Venice. If this could be of some assistance please let me know and I will be more than happy to forward to you.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield(New Zealand)