Subject: RE: A week of R &R in the Orient
Hi Minna, The travel advisories of which you speak are for only a few countries in Asia (I presume this is what you mean by Orient). Here are the U.S. State Department Travel Warnings &Consular Information Sheets for every country:

There has certainly been some concern in certain parts of (not all) the Philippines and Sabah, Malaysia, see: and and a few parts of Indonesia but - there are not that many parts of this region that you would have any concern for safety. In fact - I feel much safer wandering the streets of Hong Kong, Tokyo, and most other places in Asia than I do in most cities of my native Canada.

So much depends upon your friend's taste but ... since her husband is coming to HK - I suggest a relaxing week in Hong Kong. Aside from the well-known urban skyscaper images of HK (and the great variety of things to see and do in the city at her leisure), there are also some wonderful places to walk for miles (green hills, sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes). Across the Pearl River Delta is Macau, a short (hour long) hoverferry ride away, that provides a start contrast to Hong Kong and also includes some wonderful areas to walk and drink up history (from pirates to ship-building). Both cities have some fabulous hotels that are 'resorts' in their own right (such as the Peninsula, the Mandarin Oriental, etc). I'd be happy to provide a good deal more in the way of suggestions should she wish.

Now ... if your friend wants a 'hideaway resort', a short hop from HK - there are a number of places to go. You can get some good packages out of HK to places like: Thailand: Phuket (beach resorts), Kho Samui (beach resorts), Chiang Mai (culture and lovely resorts), Indonesia: Bali (beach resorts, and inland - culture/river-side and nature resorts) Malaysia: Langkawi Island (beach resorts) And...I've only named a few! I have a good travel agent in HK who could provide some ideas as to prices from here if she would like.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong