Subject: Ceilidhs
By the subject line many of you Ziners will be lost. But for those few that know what a Ceilidh is then I make my request to you. When I get to Yorkshire and Edinburgh I am bound and determined to find as many Ceilidhs as I can. For those in the UK. How would you go about finding them? Mark May suggests I inquire at the local record/music stores. And I think this is a great idea. but if there are other ideas, or known places that Ceilidhs happen I would love to jot them down before I leave for the trip. Thanks in advance for the tidbits.

For those in the dark Ceilidh (Kay-lee) is a jam session of musicians/dancer/singers of Celtic/folk persuassion. Usually found in kitchens, out of the way pubs and campgrounds.

Mary Hot HOT Oregon (and drying my moss back out)