Subject: Slovakia
Hello Ziners:

It's been several months since I've read news from you all. I'm now in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, in the last week of an English Language Camp for international teens. Nyiregyhaza is in the NE part of Hungary, not too far from the Slovakian &Ukranian borders. My teacher group is wanting to take a day trip this coming Sunday and I don't know what to suggest. We're already scheduled for Miskolc, Lillaured, and the Cave Baths (in Hungary) and other local places for Monday, Tuesday, Wed of that week. Some have asked if there is anything of interest for a day trip to Slovakia to the North of us, but I didn't bring my Eastern Europe books. Any ideas? Getting there needs to be pretty direct, as we won't haave much time.

Thanks for any ideas. Corliss KC