Subject: Re: Slovakia
Hi Corliss,

If you can get to Miskolc you can probably get to Kosice for a day. Kosice in East Slovakia is one of the nicest cities in the region. I am not saying that because I lived there because I have lived a number of places I would never recommend! Nonetheless I think you would be very impressed with the city centre. St. Elizabeth's Cathedral is by far the most impressive in all Slovakia. There are numerous museums clustered around the city center. If you arrive by train walk out of the station across the park and you will see the cathedral. It is situated in one of Eastern Europe's lovelier city squares. There are a number of fountains to enjoy and many, many sidewalk cafes to quench your thirst.

Kosice has an undeservedly bad reputation among people from the region because of the proportionately large population of Gypsies. In fact it is one of the few places that has things such as a theatre company which performs exclusively in the Romany language. I can only say that Gypsies are not treated as badly here as other places, they are, I am sad to say, still not treated well.

I hope you get a chance to visit.