Subject: Re: Slovakia
Corliss As Linda mentioned, Kosice might be a location you could do a day trip to. I spent 4 days there doing a hot air balloon rally. The Centrum was interesting with a fountain that plays to the Glockespiel. Much of the rest of the centrum was westernized. I did find the most intriguing door to photograph (my pet passion). It belongs to a club called Club Mystic and the door is a relief of a bottle of Mystic Vodka with all types of mythical beings wrapped around it and peering out from behind. The club is down a gated walkway. . as an American I probably would never have gone down into it but was encouraged by a local. I also found a wonderful Irish pub down the same passage way. and they ahd the best pork chops I have ever had.

But I still say Spis Castle is the best bet if you can get a train or car to it.