Subject: RE: Ceilidhs in Edinburgh and Yorkshire

You've gotten some great websites for finding scheduled ceilidhs. I've found the best ones by pure serendipity, although I have to admit, not yet in York!

I check out adverts on bulletin boards/walls/store windows near college campuses, music stores &pubs, ask at shops selling Celtic clothing/books/music &generally make a nuisance of myself. I've yet to be disappointed in such last-minute ceilidhs.

For Dunkeld & Edinburgh, check out my fave Scottish singer/songwriter's site: for info on ceilidhs at the Taybank Hotel in Dunkeld & the pub, On the Mound in Edinburgh. Other Celtic music events are sometimes listed on his website.

I'm presently in training for 10 days of nonstop ceilidhs at the Celtic Colours Festival at Cape Breton in October. After the wonderful regular performances, the hardy folk adjourn to St Ann's Celtic College for ceilidhs that generally run till 4 or 5 am. This type of ceilidh scheduling does indeed require training & I'm up for the challenge. The last night of the festival features what is reputed to be the largest dancing ceilidh in the world. It's just off the full moon & there will be some fun again at this event. And this year we are renting a campervan so those whose training can't sustain the 4am stuff can stumble off to a bed!

Gail In Eugene but never for long..