Subject: Introduction - New Member in Rochester, NY
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Patty!

Hi All! My name is Patty and I live in Rochester, NY. I am interested in joining your list because I love to travel. Unfortunately, up until this year my traveling experiences have been limited. This year, and hopefully for many years to come, it has been a different story. You see, I always thought that, althought I really wanted to travel, I couldn't afford it. But about 2 years ago my oldest daughter (I have 4) and I decided that on, or around, her 18th birthday, we would take a dream trip. We saved all that time and this past May our dream was realized. Amy decided that her dream vacation was to go to Disney World and that is where we went for 7 days. It was a wonderful trip. Fortunately, I have another Florida trip planned for September with a good friend of mine. We are going to St Augustine. My other 3 daughters and I are planning dream trips (not all to Disney) upon their 18th birthdays and I am hoping to get more trips in with My friend and with my entire family. Now that I see that a special trip CAN be afforded, planned for and enjoyed....I am hoping to finally be able to enjoy one of MY special be a seasoned traveler. One has to start somewhere and sometime, right? I am hoping that this list will help me with ideas for trips. And besides, I just like listening to all the different places people have been and enjoyed. :-) Patty