Subject: Back from France
Hi Ziners

here I am, after almost 3 weeks of holiday in France for a total of about 6000 km; I can barely bear the sight of another rond-point or motorway intersection! I have to say everything went smooth, weather cooperated for most of the time, the children didn't frown too much, the euro made every price more understandable etc. I won't write a real travelog, as the places I visited are well known, but I'll try to gather some useful addresses as soon as I put some order in my credit card bills... Now just some impressions: Ile-de-France (Paris surrondings): great places and great scenery, but I spent a lot of time on the road. The traffic looked crazy but I just slid on my mask of nasty Italian driver and did what others were doing. My wife had her hair frozen most of the time! Anyway I guess next time I'd choose to stay in town and start my trips from the center, instead of going round and round as I did. Normandy (Etretat, Honfleur and Bayeux): all you heard about them and even more. I was sick for a day, though, so I missed the full tour of the D-Day beaches, but the American cemetery at Omaha was one of the most evocative and striking places I had ever seen. Mount St.Michel: the horrible souvenir shops can't spoil the magnificent beauty of the place. Again, due to sickness, I was unable to taste some food at the very inviting restaurants. Loire Valley: too many castles for a single life! We enjoyed the warm sunny weather at the swimming pool too, and the great food and wine.

More to follow soon

Bye all

Paolo Trieste, Italy