Subject: Haven't posted in a while
Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while since we haven't had any major travel plans, plus we've been starting a new business so I haven't had time to keep up with all the great posts here, but now I'm ready to start my travel dreams again! Glad to see you all still here.

On the subject of souvenirs, my husband and I started collecting masks. It began in Italy, with cool masks in Venice and Siena. We got a wonderful Buddha mask in Japan, Indian-type masks in Mexico, a cheap 'fake-scary' wood carved mask in Hawaii, etc. Some places don't have masks that are location specific but we make do. In Spain we picked up a tile that has a painting by Picasso on it of a face, and added it to our mask wall.

I also always buy food, because I love to cook and it's fun to have authentic ingredients..even if I have to use the translation dictionary to figure out what to do with it!

And thanks for the photo from Everest. That was awesome.

Happy journeys to all!

Natalie Los Angeles