Subject: Food festivals in north of Italy
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Linda asked me to let the list know about the typical festival food that is going during Summer in Valtellina, Sondrio province (north of Milan, near the Como lake, Italy).

Valtellina is a well known area for some typical food like Pizzoccheri (a kind of pasta), Bitto (a kind of cheese), wine and salami.

The scheduled festival (sagre) are: - Festa dei Pizzoccheri: July 27-28th and mid September in Teglio. Pizzoccheri are brown flour tagliatelle cooked with cheese, potatoes, string beans and some others vegetable. - Calici sotto le stele: August 10th in Sondrio. Wine testing and stars watching. - Sagra dei Chiscioi: end August, beginning of September in Sernio. A kind of focaccia made by brown flour, old cheese, butter and a bit of grappa. - Sagra dei Crotti: second weekend of September in Chiavenna. Typical food made and preserved in the Crotti that are natural caves in mountains. - Sagra dei funghi: beginning of September in Bema (near Morbegno). A street fair of local mushrooms. - Sagra del Bitto: mid September in Gerola. Bitto is a typical DOP cheese. - Il grappolo d'oro (the gold grape): mid September in Chiuro. Wine testing. - Bitto festival: beginning October in Morbegno. Fair and Bitto/wine testing. - Morbegno in cantina: beginning Octeber in Morbegno. Old wine cellars visits,wine testing and local food. - Sagra della mela e dell'uva (apple and grape festival): first weekend of October in Villa di Tirano. Apple and local wine festivals. Special menu in restaurants.

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