Subject: Hiking in the Lake District/England
Oh Russell, how you tear at our hearts. For 25 years, we have been going to the Lake District every year almost, sometimes twice a year) to walk (and drive) and it is always magic......our favorite place to walk in the whole world (yes, we have hiked in Switzerland, in Australia, in the U.S. mountains, etc.) but still are drawn back and back to the Lake District. We have read about every book on the Lake District and pore over books and maps all the time at home, and read Cumbria magazine faithfully. By now, we have explored most every nook and cranny of the Lakes, in summer, spring, fall, and even winter, in hot and cold, in rain (yes, there is plenty of it--some of our best hiking memories are of rain.) and sun. In fact, 23 years ago today, we climbed Scafell Pike, England's highest peak, having climbed it the day before in total fog and wanting to doit the next day in the we will remember the event with a bottle of Bull's Blood wine, just as we did that night 23 years ago! Isn't it great to read all the different opinions and reactions??! That's what makes Travelzine so much fun. Oh how we yearn to be back in Grasmere, looking at the mountains over Lake Grasmere and walking up to Laughrigg Terrace after dinner to see the evening light on the lake and mountains. Best wishes and enjoy all your travels...Cheers, Pat in Baltimore, MD