Subject: Re: cruising
Hi Patty, Take that cruise vacation with your daughter!! You'll have a wonderful time. I am one of those seasick people. The first trip I took was a total disaster because of it. Then I learned the secret and have taken a number of cruises since then. Immediately upon boarding, I go directly to the Dr.'s office and get a shot of their super-duper anti seasick medicine. On occasion they have tried to discourage me and gave me tablets which last for an hour or so and made me sleepy. The motion even tied at the dock gets to me. I have been on cruises as long as 30 days and sometimes need to get another shot the second or third day but it ALWAYS works. An outside room is a good idea too. The shot is a type of antihistamine. I couldn't agree more with the bad review of the Carnival cruises. Norwegian Cruise Line was great for a trip with my daughter. My husband and I enjoyed what we referred to as hotel cruises where we took an inexpensive cruise that stopped in many ports where we ate as few meals as possible on ship and went in to the towns where we ate local foods in small non-tourist restaurants. The memories make me hungry! Plan well and have a great time researching as well as on the cruise! Nancy