Subject: Introduction - New Member in Australia
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Zdena!

Greetings to everyone: My name is Zdena Vandoros. Earlier this year I retired from the Canadian Federal Public Service (yes, finally!)and I have been more busy than ever - with travelling, too. With my husband we love travelling as well as hiking. We just returned from a round trip, the highlight of which was Uluru, the famous red rock in the Australian centre. Awsome! We travelled extensively in Canada, last year we made a round trip from Ottawa, ON to the Maritimes and next year we would like to revisit the West (B.C. and the Rockies). We like to hike in the Gatineau Park outside Ottawa and in the Barrington Tops which are near Newcastle, N.S.W. I should add that we divide our time between Canada, Australia and the Czech Republic where we were both born. I think that yours is a good solid travel group I would like to join to profit from members' experiences as well as to share our own.

Zdena Vandoros Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia