Subject: Re: Cruising Question
Hi Patty

My absolutely favorite mode of travel!!!! I second (and 3rd, and 4th...) what Jim, Gail, and Nancy had to say. I have cruised on Princess, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Celebrity, and on Premier (with our 2 yr old daughter when it was Disney's Big Red Boat and I thought we might never be able to travel again since we now had a child!!). I really enjoyed them all, except the food on the NCL. Nancy's suggestion to treat the ship like a hotel and eat ashore was like a revelation to me...what a fantastic idea!!! NCL's rates are by far the cheapest, but I shied away because of NCL's substandard food. I have to have a second look now! I found the food on Celebrity to be actually pretty good, and the other lines weren't horrible either.

By the way, my husband routinely got carsick as a kid when in the back seat of a car, but was fine on our 6 or so cruises, except when the seas were rough. I recommend you stay off the seas during hurricane season ie July to November/December(when, incidentally, the prices are lowest!) and away from transatlantic cruises (Our cruise from NYC to Bermuda the first week of July last year had my husband and daughters flat on their backs!!) Anyway, go on a cruise, with whatever medication, seabands,etc you need. You'll love it! Helen Ottawa, Canada