Subject: Accommodations, etc.--Scotland
Hi -- Johannes asks about Scotland. Scotland is full of country (and city) bed and breakfasts, many at quite reasonable prices. In fact, in many driving tours of Scotland, we have not booked ahead, counting on finding b&b's wherever we end up....and we do. Some of them are real treasures and some just ok, but never a bad one. We like to go best in second half of May, first half of June---esp. if you are going near any of the cliffs where the seabirds are nesting. Weather can be variable, but we have always had a fair bit of sun and blue sky, and temperatures vary from short-sleeve to sweatshirt to sweater and jacket sorts. Don't miss Sunderland in the NW--that's the heart of the beautiful Highlands with spectacular mountain and loch scenery. Also, the Hebridean Islands are fascinating and charming. If you want some more specifics, let us know. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore