Subject: Uniworld cruises/trips
Hi Ziners: Carollyn had a poor experience with Uniworld; We are sorry to hear that and just wanted to let you all know that our experience was a very good one on our Feb./Mar. cruise/land tour of Chile and Argentina. There were several people whom we met in the Uniworld group who have gone on many Uniworld trips, including Moscow to Beijing train and Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam and they all swear by Uniworld. We agree that they can be a bit difficult to work with over the phone (that's where our trusty travel agent came in---she's used to that and had no problem), but the product was magnificent---everything went like the proverbial clockwork, with superb guides, excellent accommodations, great meals with lots of wine, and we could see that those in other groups did not get anywhere near the special care/perks that we did....and all for a price that I thought was very fair. So, here's another view. Cheers and happy travelling, Bill and Pat in Baltimore