Subject: RE: Ideas and hints for Scotland Trip
Concerning Edinburgh, when my husband, James, was researching B&Bs, we saw many nice ones for a very reasonable price, however, he chose one near the historic Charlotte Square area for the purposes of being more convenient for walking and exploring. When we arrived in Edinburgh, we were relieved to find that the ones that had been attractive, price wise, were located on a very busy street coming in from the airport. The one he had chosen was on a side street, very quiet, and VERY convenient for exploring, run by a family who allowed us in their kitchen while preparing meals and we could visit with them and learn about their culture and out of the way locations in the city that we would enjoy. It was wonderful, and really not that much more for the experience and location. I would recommend your finding something near the Charlotte Square area rather than on the very busy and VERY noisy main road. It's worth spending just a little extra for the location. There are many available, however, the one we stayed in is now closed as the family moved away from Scotland and sold the house and it was converted back into a private residence. :-(

Sara Tucson, Arizona

Johannes, you wrote: >>>Which accommodations are best for learning to know the Scottish people and not spend more than 60 EUR per day for a B&B?<<<