Subject: New California Ziner
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Colleen!

Hello, here is my introduction. I'm a 46 year old female that lives in Northern California. Travel is my first love. I will go anywhere, any time. Unfortunately, I still must work to support this habit of mine. I prefer to travel to other countries rather than the United States right now. I've been in most states in the U.S. but I will save my extensive travel in the U.S. for my more advanced age.

I recently got back from a Trip to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungry and Germany. I've been to France, England, Scotland, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Okinawa. I grew up as a military brat which probably explains my love of travel. At 6 years old, I lived in Cuba. At 13, I lived in Taiwan. As a adult, my wanderlust is alive and well, thank you.

I'm planning a trip to Greece, Turkey and Egypt at the end of March next year and a woman from another list I'm on told me about this list. I'd love to be a part of the group as travel is the reason I work (well, that and a roof over my head).

I live in a beautiful place. The Santa Cruz mountains in California. I basically feel like I'm away when I'm at home. I'm surrounded by redwoods. I live with my two hounds (cocker spaniels), Haley and Dakota and have a wonderful roommate that I don't see very often. Anyway, I think that is enough of an introduction.

Colleen Carleton Santa Cruz Mountains, California