Subject: Re: smokers
Hi Margaret,

The better or should we say upmarket restaurants in the UK do not allow smoking and thankfully mobile phones in restaurants, usually just the lounge for smoking with your coffee. Even a lot of pubs or inns have no smoking areas when dining.

On the whole France is laughable. perhaps 2 or 3 tables for non smokers, just maybe you have a smoker on the next table to you!!

Being a smoker myself I sympathzise with anyone who does not like or is allergic to cigarertte smoke, I would not smoke in a restaurant but unfortunately not everyone is the same. (Even my own home when we have non smoking guests).

In saying that if you wish to go anywhere, if there there are ashtrays on tables and you wish to eat or drink just don't go there.

Alternately ask for the non smoking area.

Keep safe Linda & Geoff Wales