Subject: Accommodation prices and destinations?
Hi all,

I am surprised when I read about the price that people are willing and able to pay for accommodation. Gail mentioned that hosteling is her style.

I guess I am somewhere in between. At the Toronto GTG, one of Travelziners (maybe Gail?) said that her motto is sleep cheap, dine fine, and that mirrors my thoughts on the matter.

With our weak Canadian dollar, I would prefer to pay 75 euros or less for a night (actually, I would prefer to pay 50 euros or so - that's what we paid in Paris and for a B&B in Bruges in May-June this year) Seventy five euros is the equivalent of 73USD or 117CAD.

I am already dreaming of my next trip in about a year from now. I am circling the buffet table and trying to decide on the best destination! My husband and I want culture, attractive cities, towns and villages, and reasonable prices. Although I like theatre, we don't usually go to clubs or concerts. I am not looking for the finer things of life nor adventure or beach holidays.

I like history and art, markets and real neighbourhoods with moderately priced local food, walking and cafe life. We have used both car rentals and public transportation and prefer using trains or public transportation. We enjoyed spending three weeks in a studio apartment in Paris with some day trips out of town. We spent three enjoyable weeks in Tuscany a few years ago. Although we stayed a week in each of three locations in Tuscany, we spent too much time driving. I would like to thoroughly explore one area rather than do a once over lightly. We did a highlights of Europe train trip with our then-teenaged children in 1995. Ideally we would like to have a studio apartment so that we can cook some of our own meals and feel part of the community.

Some possible destinations include Greece and the islands, Slovenia, Rome or another Italian city, the south of France. I speak functional French and am thinking of taking beginners' Italian. Suggestions please!

Richard says that this request is a tall order but if you have been somewhere that you think we might like, please recommend it. Thanks all!

Frances Toronto, Canada