Subject: Re: Oregon GTG &What's YOUR story?
Dear Ziners,

Mary & I had a lovely lunch & talked a lot of travel &showed pics & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at a local eatery. Her pics of hot air ballooning are quite spectacular but I countered with scenes of Crete &the Algarve. Actually I showed my pics 1st but it sounded better that way. 8-)

We talked about our strange encounters with foreign authorities, namely, policemen, &I got to thinking that it might make for an interesting discussion thread on the Zine. Mary's story is much better than mine but I'll start..... my husband, Orv, his grown daughter, Pam, my school-teacher friend, Earlene, &I were wheeling along the autobahn near Merseberg, Germany, a year after the wall came down. We were still in what was former East Germany. As we were tooling along, dodging potholes, (extensive construction work was going on but the road was not in good shape) a Polizei car came along side &the passenger policeman started yelling at us with a bullhorn. My German is the practical food words! so I didn't understand & my husband knew no German. Earlene didn't know any words. Pam, had been very methodical about learning enough German to get around altho she thought it was strange that there were so many streets named Einbahn Strasse (just a little German humor!) Anyway, she finally recognized the words, seat & belt. My husband had his seatbelt tucked under his arms so it wouldn't saw off his neck..Needles to say, the Polizei couldn't see it there. My husband pulled it up &showed it actually was around his rather rotund body, & the Polizei threw up their hands &shook their heads &drove away. Of course, all of this was happening at about 80 miles an hour!

Now, Mary, it's your turn to tell your teary story. I'll bet there are many other strange encounters with foreign law enforcement officers lurking out there just waiting to be told.

Carol Bailey Madras, Oregon our local fire is contained but many in OR are still raging!