Subject: Re: French travel costs
Dear Frances,

Thanks for the link to your travelogue. I really enjoyed reading about Paris -- particularly since I'm preparing for my visit there with my niece next spring. I've just reserved our apartment!

I noticed you mentioned buying Rocamadour goat cheese, but didn't say if you enjoyed it or not. How was it?

Your comments brought back memories for me: Last spring, my parents and I visited the Rocamadour region. After touring the Gouffre Padirac -- highly recommended, by the way -- we had a late lunch on the terrace of a nearby cafe. We were served by the most entertaining waiter. Between his fractured English and my stumbling French, we ordered a full meal that included a wonderful cassoulet and finished with Rocamadour goat cheese. I've kept an eye out for this cheese ever since, but suspect I won't find any again until get back to France next spring.

Janice Toronto, ON