Subject: new member from Sacramento, CA with Italy, Greece, Turkey questions
Moderator's Note - Welcome, Jan!

Hi all,

I would like to be a new member. I am a single woman who plans to take 8 months to 1 yr off to travel beginning Sept this year. I have been to Europe 15 times in the last 4 years but still plan on seeing more places and spend more time at each place. Just two weeks ago, I went to Sweden, Norway and Denmark(sweden for the second time) and had a fantastic time seeing the differences between the three countries. All in all, I have travelled to Asia, Europe, Coasta Rica, Honduras, and Australia. My passion is travel and I am ready to begin my dream!

Starting in Sept, I'd like to go to Tuscany, Italy or perhaps Greece. Would it be better(weather wise) to visit Italy in Sept and Greece in Oct or vice versa?

Would it be feasible to combine Greece with Turkey since they are close in proximity? I plan on doing three weeks to a mth on this particular trip.

Any advice/suggestions on places in Tuscany or other areas of historical, or architectural significance would be much appreciated, including info on accomodations.( for Greece, Turkey as well)  I prefer to visit interesting villages and towns rather than big cities. I plan to go by train in Italy and local transportation in Greece and Turkey rather than drive since I am leary of driving alone. I have done it once and it was quite a hassle and stressful to say the least.

Hope to be a member and get to share travel info soon!


Jan Sacramento, CA