Subject: italy-greece-turkey trip
Hi Jan.

We agree with Michelle, and feel very jealous!. Its just wonderful you can take so much time off to travel.

George & I have been to Greece & Turkey twice now and found it easy to visit both countries during the same trip. We have been in late spring-early summer though, so I cant say whether Sept or Oct would be better. I would say Sept as I know the water gets rougher in winter. I'm assuming an island cruise is in the plan??

Out three week trip to Italy was also in the Spring, are you planning a stay in one city and doing day trips?? or are you planning on moving around??

Where in Greece & Turkey are you planning to visit?? How are you planning on getting there?? ship, plane?? Tour or independent?? The more we know, the better we 'ziners can help. Look at Don & Linda's travelogues too They are chuck full of info!!

Happy trails! and Welcome!! Marta & George Tamarac FL