Subject: Rome and the Italian Seaside
After the success of our family GTG in London this summer (parents, 2 sons & their wives &children), a similar excursion to Italy is being considered. One of the sons lives in Rome and would love to show us his beautiful city, plus he would love to have his nephews and nieces be with him where he lives and share his life, even if only for a week or so.

So...the thought is for the family to go to Rome, spend a week there, NOT try to all stay with Devin in his studio apartment in the Trastevere, but to have a good, not very expensive hotel in the area, if there is such a hotel, and take a seaside villa, where we can explore the surrounding territory, and also can spend time just letting the kids play on the beach. These are not little kids...two boys 13 &15, two girls 13 &14.

1) Does anyone have any good suggestions as to hotels in Rome? and 2) Any good suggestions as to seaside resorts or out-of-the way secret special places you have been hoarding for just such an event?

One of the families is very experienced in travelling, have toured in the Orient, Inner Asia, Russia, Europe, and have lived abroad in Kazakhstan for 2 years. The other is not very experienced, but proved to be excellent tourists this summer in Scotland and England. My husband and I have traveled widely in the UK, but have not been to Italy, so this would be a first-time for us.

Mostly, I'm hoping for suggestions on question 2. I think question 1 can be answered by Devin, the son in Rome.


Pat McKinney Orinda, CA