Subject: Re: Accommodation prices and destinations?
Hi Frances, As the author (!) of the quote - and I was talking to Gail at the time, I thought I would reply.

Have you thought of Barcelona/Northern Spain? It has all the amenities you seem to prefer and is relatively cheap. Lots of cafes, walks, history, culture. In Barcelona itself you won't need (or want) a car. There's a train from the airport which connects to the subway. The food is amazing too.

And if you do want to tour around, there's plenty within driving distance. If you're more ambitious you can also head through the mountains (Spanish side of the French border) to Basque country and loop around to Bilbao. There's a great book with walking tours of Barcelona (about 10 of them) - we did most of 3 and can't wait to go back.

Alan & Catherine Gardner