Subject: Re: Venice to Florence
Hi Frances,

I chose both the Venice and Florence hotels from a guidebook called Great Sleeps by Sandra Gustafson. I tried to look them up on the internet but only the Florence one had a website, Sandra focuses on small out of the way places that normally don't get into the major guidebooks or magazines. She emphasizes that her recommendations are economical but always very commendable as far as ambience, comfort and a decent place to stay.

You were right, it was the Venice hotel with whom I had the poor communication. Never answered any emails, never acknowledged receipt of my deposit, never confirmed my reservation, never warned me about the shortcomings of their one single room. Sandra describes the hotel, Albergo Bernardi-Semenzato, as full or wonderful ambience with a friendly and gregarious owner named Maria Teresa Pepoli, who is also an English teacher. I never once met Maria Teresa, but I did meet her husband Leo every day, who is a very reserved man and who made it plain that if I was not happy with the room I could go elsewhere, but they were prepared to do nothing to lessen the noice including rearranging the time the staff washed the dishes, or even to ask the night clerk to be a little more considerate in banging doors and talking to friends on the phone.

The Florence hotel, Hotel Il Bargellino was instantly and always communicative. My emails were answered promptly and the owners, Carmel and Pino went out of their way to see I was as comfortable and welcome as possible. I can't say enough good things about their establishment.

Ciao Krystyna in Toronto