Subject: Sweden/Denmark
Hi Marguerite,

Now you can easily travel by train or by road from Sweden to Denmark. A bridge has been opened one year or two ago, south of Malm#. Its very convenient between the both countries. There are trains from Malm# to Copenhagen.

Otherwise you have the ferry between Helsingborg and Helsing#r. If you have frequent flyer card, you can use Lufthansa or SAS fligths between Copenhagen and Frankfurt, or Copenhagen-Amsterdam. If you want to visit eastern part of Germany where Im living now, you are welcome in Dresden.

If you want to visit South of Sweden, I recommend the famous best- sellers written by Henning Mankell. The stories take place in the surroundings of Malm#.You can enjoy reading the Fifth woman, for example. I can give you more information.


Pierrette (Dresden) Germany