Subject: Scandinavia
Hi Marguerite!

>Is driving between (Scandinavian cities)easily done? I'm guessing there is a ferry from Denmark to the others?

There are plenty of ferries among different cities, but Denmark and Sweden are also connected by a bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo: for sure the easiest and more convenient way to get there! I would suggest you the following route:

>From Germany, get to Copenhagen and see the area (there's a ferry from Puttgarden, near Lubeck); cross the bridge to Malmo; visit the South-West part of Sweden : Lund, Helsingborg, Goteborg, Smogen/Lysekyl (near Uddevalla, very pretty beach communities); go to Norway and see Oslo, Bergen, down coast to Stavanger and Kristiansand get back to Denmark by ferry to Hirtshals or Frederikshavn; see the Northern beaches (there is a nice dunes area) and Aalborg; go South to Aarhus, then back to Germany.

Hope this helps! Ciao

Flavio in Rome and in love with Scandinavia!