Subject: Re: Rome and the Italian Seaside
Hi Pat!

> 2) Any good suggestions as to seaside resorts or out-of-the way secret
> special places you have been hoarding for just such an event?

Well, there are plenty of places. My favourite beach is Sperlonga, wich is kinda far from Rome though. Also Sabaudia is really cool, with its sand dunes, and is about a hour away. Getting closer to the city there are some communities in the south (Lavinio, Tor San Lorenzo) and some in the north (Santa Severa, Campo di Mare). Ostia and Fregene, the closest beaches, are always overcrowded, and the water is kinda dirty. There are also some hidden places, but you have to know exactly where you're going...

When do you plan to get to Roma? What about a GTG?

Ciao Flavio in Rome