Subject: Re: Scandinavia
Hi Marguerite, I just got back from Scandinavia on July 15th. I stayed with Swedish friends at their Summer house on the edge of Lake Vanern, then drove from South Sweden(Gottenburg area) to Oslo(5 hrs or so), took the route across the width of Norway to Bergen, across some spectacular scenery, high terrain with snow still on the magnificent mountains, diversified topography, with cute little villages/hamlets tucked under the mountains. It is a winding mountain route, single lane in some places so plan on plenty of time if you want to stop and check out the scenery. I even stopped for a cruise through the Fjords! Spectacular! At Bergen, I took the quickest highway route back to Gottenburg(don't have the map in front of me but you can check that easily yourself)From Gottenburg, I took the Ferry to Frederikshavn, then the train to Skagen(highly recommended) Skagen is at the northern most tip of Denmark.You can actually see where the north sea meets the Kattegart,(at Grenern,close to Skagen) the seas really join at this point, quite a sight! Skagen is full of the prettiest cottages I have ever set eyes on(and I have seen plenty in Norway and Sweden) I then took the train from Skagen directly to Copenhagen and spent a few days there before returning to Gottenburg and flying back to San francisco. Regards,

Janice Tan(Jan)