Subject: Eurorail Passes - Advice sought for Eastern Europe & Italy
Is there a way to get actual tickets prices for popular European Train routes? I ask because we're planning our European part of our 10 month RTW trek. I would like to find out if we should buy a specific pass, a couple different passes or just pay as we go. Here's our itenerary (married couple, both 33yrs old).

4/18/03 Istanbul - 3 - 4 weeks by bus/train down to southern Turkey. I understand transportation costs in Turkey are fairly cheap.

Around 5/15 - Ferry across to Athens (exact port and route still to be decided - any suggestions?) From there - Three day tourist blitz through the Athens ruins and catch 30hour train ride to Sophia. Spend 7 - 10 days in Bulgaria. We would like to go direct from Sofia through southern Yugoslavia to Dubrovnik, Croatia but I understand it's easier/safer to go up to Belgrade and back down to the coast.

We're looking at spending 2 weeks from the time we leave Bulgaria until we get to Rijeka Croatia. Spend a couple more days in northern Croatia before heading into NE Italy.

In Italy - spend 3 weeks on the Triest - Venice - Florence - Rome - Naples route and back along the eastern coast. Starting in early July - stops in Slovenia; Budapest; Krakow; Prague; Berlin before ending in Amsterdam in early August. Fly out back to the states

In all - we're looking at about 15 long train rides. Any suggestions which passes would be best? Which countries should I just buy a ticket? Any suggestions? Thanks, Karl