Subject: Re: Eurorail Passes - Advice sought for Eastern Europe & Italy

There are no problems getting from Sofia to Dubrovnik. You can either get a train (five hours) from Sofia to Nis in Southern Serbia which is worth a day's visit any way and then onto Bar (10 hours and an overnight journey) in Montenegro or as you suggest go via Belgrade. Safety is no longer an issue in Yugoslavia. Montenegro is the only other member of the Yugoslav federation which is about to become a looser union of Serbia and Montenegro.

From Bar you would need to get a bus to Hereceg Novi which is near the Croatian border. The buses are frequent and the journey should take about four hours. The bus service along the coast is excellent.

However you should take a little time to look in on Kotor on the way. This walled town with parts dating from the 9th century is UNESCO listed. It's also sited in Kotor Fjord which is the largest in southern Europe.

From Herceg Novi, (another old walled town), you can either catch the daily bus to the border or arrange a taxi transfer through one of several travel agencies.

If you want any more detail, travel agency addresses etc, then email me direct.

happy travelling,

Patrick Horton

just back from Ho Chi Minh City