Subject: Urgent needed - Hotel in Florence
Hi Ziners, I am back from two great weeks in Berlin (including rain and heatwave), and IŽll report about them as soon as I get used to the normal life, but now I have an urgent request.

My sister has decided to bring the boyfriend to Italy (he has never been there). They will be travelling by car from Spain during the last two weeks in August (I know, too hot, but they are used to it).

Her idea is to drive straight to Florence (they have already booked a hotel in Nice), and then stay there for maybe a week doing a couple of day trips in the meantime. Afterwards they will head up to the mountains (PedroŽs only request is to stop in Maranello), she still hasnŽt decided if Dolomites or the Lakes, and then drive back home.

As they are driving, she has been looking into agritourisms near Florence, but the only ones with availability she has found are too expensive for two people, and a bit far-away. She is now looking for a hotel in the outskirts of Florence, with parking and public transport nearby (and after being spoilt with the hotel she found for last week in Sintra, she would love to have a swimming-pool :)) ). We were quite happy with the hotel we stayed in last May, Il Perseo, but I think that unless it is the only possibility, she doesnŽt want to drive in Florence (the return journey, with her allergies, the fever and trying to find a petrol station, was a nightmare for the poor girl).

So ... if anyone of you has a recommendation, please tell me so we can look into it.

Thanks a lot, and regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain