Subject: Traveler's Aid: Helping Others Plan Trips
Hi Ziners,

I often help friends and relatives with trip planning, and I am guessing many of you do the same. We are sort of experts, aren't we? Most people that have asked me for help are very happy with my suggestions. Recently, I was shocked by the absolutely horrible travel experiences of a couple of close friends, and really surprised that they hadn't asked for any input.

One couple (with a young child) who do not drink, smoke, or anything else, and really value serene and conservative surroundings, went to a huge and famous all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas that they absolutely hated. There was plenty of drinking, smoking, etc, going on there. If they had asked me, I would have definetly tried to talk them out it. They didn't ask. ;-0

Two friends are leaving for a Go Ahead tour company trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland that has been in the planning stages for months and months. They are flying from Pittsburgh to Washington DC, where they have a 6 hour layover (it only takes 4 hours to drive there), then on to Paris, for a long layover, then to Vienna. All together, they will be traveling for about 26 hours! I asked, who the heck booked you on those flights? and they told me it was the tour company. I am shocked. Pittsburgh has direct flights to lots of cities in Western Europe, with very easy connections to Vienna.

Ok: here are the things I am wondering about: do friends and relatives ask you for trip planning help? Are they appreciative? Do you see others getting into travel difficulties and does it surprise you that they haven't asked for your help or opinions? Or do they ask, and then ignore your experience?

Or is it just me and my insane desire to rule the travel world?

Ciao! Debbie in Pittsburgh