Subject: Go Ahead (was re:Traveler's Aid)
Hi Fred and Ziners, Fred, you wrote:

As I am certain you are aware, many tours and low price fares do not tell you the itinerary until after you have purchased the ticket.

I was totally unaware of this as I have never been on a tour, except with my daughter's high school group, and we had great flights. Also, the consolidator's I have used for low price flights were ones that told you the flights before the purchase. I was even able to buy specific flights from TFI and AutoEurope last spring.

You also wrote, I have tried with GO_AHEAD to obtain a tour itinerary prior to booking. They would not guarantee any routing.

Considering my friend's experience of going to Vienna in probably the worst way I could dream up, I think Go Ahead might be a company to stay away from.

My mother has gone to Italy on tours about 4 times and always had good air routes. I believe she traveled with Perillo and another company, too. I will check their name.

Thanks Debbie