Subject: Re: Question on Holland
Flavio Great to see you are going to Holland. My wife's sister lives in that area and we have visited there several times. You may find the weather to be not quite so warm as in Italy but a jumper/sweater and a rain coat will fix that. If I were you I would make sure to visit the following: Veere - a small village very picturesque on the north of the island of Walcheren. Near Vrouwenpolder which btw is not half as nice. Middelburg - the main city on Walcheren, old architecture including the town hall and the former monastery next to the main church in town. Zierikzee - largest town on Noord Beveland. Neeltje Jans - this is a permanent exhibition about the Delta Works on an artificial island in the mouth of the Ooster Schelde. If you are at all interested in engineering works this is a must. You will pass accross the island on your way from Renesse to the towns you mentioned. I would also make sure to drive along the little country lanes of the Zeeland islands. Maybe take a bicycle! Another interesting village/town is Goedereede on the island of Goeree to the north of Renesse. Hope all this helps a bit. Gerrit in Perth (Australia)

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