Subject: Italian Recommendations Wanted
You Travelzine pros rock! I love reading the daily posts. WOW! Can't wait to go to all these places. So now we are.

In November we are taking our first European vacation to Italy. Our itinerary:

Sun Nov. 9 we fly into Milan and take the train to Venice. We are in Venice until the morning of the 13th when we take the train to Florence.

We are in Florence until the morning of the 16th when we take either a flight or train/ferry to Palermo. Any comments on which would be better.

We are in Palermo until 18th when we take the night ferry back to Naples. After arriving on the morning of the 19th we are going to go to Pompei and then take a train back to Rome to stay there through our departure back to USA on the 23rd.

Here's what we need from the Travelzine pros:

Comments on the itinerary. We know it is adventurous but we travel fairly well.

Recommendations on hotels in Venice and Florence. We are planning on staying at the always endorsed Hotel Del Muse in Rome and the Excelsior in Palermo. (All our friends ask us why we are wasting time going all the way to Sicily but my grandparents were born in Corleone and I really want to see if I can find any cousins.)

Comments on these two hotels are appreciated. Hotel-wise, our only requirement is in-room bathrooms. My wife says she is way past the walk down the hall bathroom routine.

In Venice we would like to be easy walking distance to St. Marco and in Florence easy walking distance to the main part of town. No rental cars on this trip. Although a friend who just returned from Sicily says we absolutely have to rent a car there and drive around the outlying villages. Comments on the driving conditions in Sicily would be appreciated.

We may come back later for more recommendations on sites to see or local transport and we would love to do a GTG in Rome with any of the group.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Jim & Kathleen in Redmond WA