Subject: Zeeland and bicycling in Holland
Hello Flavio,

You've already received plenty of information on the delights of Zeeland, even from afar as Australia (Gerrit, clearly a Dutch expat). I second whole-heartedly his suggestion to visit the Delta Works, an engineering feat. Indeed, Veere and Middelburg are two towns not to be missed. Domburg is famous for its beaches and, above all, its surf.

I was also taken by James' (from Perth) account of Holland and its bicycling phenomenon. We Dutch seem to learn how to ride a bike before learning how to walk. It's a primary mode of transportation, but also for leisure time. Why these upright bikes are so en vogue with even the young Dutch is a question of fashion (they wouldn't get caught with a mountain bike) but also of comfort. With a country so flat, it's a pleasure to peddle along the paths without straining your back. Anyone who visits Holland should try it out. Most railway stations have bicycles for rent at a reasonable rate.